CORE Skills Workshop

Duration: 1-3hrs

The CORE Skills Workshop is a modular course that allows participants to complete selected NZRC CORE advanced skill stations. Complete a single skill station or all five stations to refresh your resuscitation skills. Participants select their desired skill stations, pay and attend for only that part of the course.

Expert coaching is provided to bring your performance up to your best . There is no summative written or practical assessments to gain a certificate of attendance. 

This course is ideal for any-one wishing to practice their advanced life support skills and receive coaching and development to perform at their very best in a supportive environment using the very latest part task trainers such as Q-CPR trainers and high fidelity simulators. Core Skills replaces what was formerly known as Modular CORE level 4 so is ideal for dentists and other health professionals who are required to attain regular skills training for their continuing professional development. The five skills stations available for selection are listed below:


  • Adult CPR single and two rescuer CPR   (use of bag-mask-resuscitator)
  • Child/ infant collapse and use of intra-osseous needles
  • Defibrillation (AED and Manual defib)
  • Airway Management (use of supra-glottic airways and introduction to intubation)
  • Trauma 
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