Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS-16hrs)

Duration: 16 hrs / 2 Days

Advanced Cardiac Life Support is a two day comprehensive programme delivered at the Clinical Skills Centre at Auckland City Hospital. Standard Advanced Life Support courses cover the fundamentals of cardiac arrest. This course extends the provider to manage more in depth coronary issues such as management of brady and tachyarrythmias, (synchronised cardioversion & TCP) pre-hospital thrombolysis, inotropic infusions and cardiac arrest in special circumstances such as: asthma, anaphylaxis, drowning, trauma, pregnancy, drug toxicity and sepsis. 

Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) is a practical 16 hour course with some pre-course reading and e-learning assessment completed prior to attendance. It is recommended that all participants complete a Basic Life Support or Intermediate Life Support course prior to attending ACLS. All practical skills are assessed on the course and a significant amount of time is spent conducting high fidelity simulations. Participants complete all the course requirements for NZRC CORE Advanced and are also issued a CORE Advanced certificate if successful.

Feedback is provided to all participants about their team leadership skills, communication and ability to coordinate a team during a medical crisis. 


  • Advanced airway management (including endotracheal intubation)
  • Wave form capnography
  • Manual defibrillation (Adults and Children)
  • Synchronised cardioversion & Transcutaneous Pacing
  • Adult VF/VT Cardiac Arrest
  • Adult Non VF/VT Cardiac Arrest
  • Cardiac Arrest (special circumstances)
  • Paediatric cardiac arrest
  • Initial management of trauma
  • Management of tachyarrythmia
  • Management of bradyarrythmia
  • 12 Lead ECG recognition
  • Management of Acute Coronary Syndromes including out of hospital thrombolysis
  • Inotropic Infusions
  • Team leadership and principles of team work in crisis situation

Upcoming Courses

Saturday, 27 November 2021 to Sunday, 28 November 2021
  • Cost $750.00 plus GST per person
  • Location: Auckland City Hospital - Clinical Skills Centre Level 4 Support Building view map
  • Class size: Maximum 12 students
  • Time: From 8:45am to 5:00pm
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The course was well organised. I really liked the way the facilitators ensured that it was running smoothly at all times. Big Thank you to Billy, Cathy, Johan, Jonathon for being very supportive. It was very helpful and learned a ...
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