Advanced Pre-Hospital Emergency Care (A-PHEC)

We deliver a variety of Advanced Pre-Hospital Emergency Care (A-PHEC) courses that caters for a range of specialised needs. These include providing advanced emergency care in aged care facilities, extreme remote environments, aquatic & marine environments, dive & hyperbaric emergencies, and hostile or tactical environments.

Advanced Pre-Hospital Emergency Care (A-PHEC) for Dive Emergencies

Duration: 16hrs

This two day course is designed for those with current first aid qualifications who require advanced pre-hospital emergency care training managing dive emergencies in a remote setting. Topics include advanced resuscitation (NZRC Level 4) and use of advanced emergency care techniques to manage a serious injured or ill person in a remote setting. There is a strong emphasis on practical skills.

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It is a great way to see how clinic teams perform in their own resuscitation rooms, using their own equipment and facing their own challenges which are often unique to their working environment.
Clinical Director, Urgent Care in Auckland
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