High-fidelity Simulators

Train on the latest in simulation technology by Laerdal.

We have access to some of the most advanced adult and paediatric simulators currently available. These full body manikins allow us to run a variety of simulations that range in complexity from a simple vasovagal episode through to a full-on malignant hyperthermia or airway-obstructed child. Students can perform a variety of clinical interventions such as inserting IV/IO lines, administering drugs, defibrillation, needle decompression, surgical airways or connecting the patient to a ventilator. The simulators display a variety of clinical signs and monitoring that students must interpret and respond to in real-time.

Our philosophy is "Train right...do it right!" In keeping with this, participants get to perform all of the necessary tasks of resuscitation in real-time using real equipment and medications.  

The range of Laerdal simulators and task trainers we have available for use on our courses includes:

  • ALS Baby™
  • Nursing Baby
  • SimBaby™
  • SimJunior™
  • Resusci Anne® Simulator
  • ALS Simulator (Advanced)
  • SimMan® Essential 
  • Neonatal Intubation Trainer
  • Infant Airway Management Trainer
  • Adult Airway Management Trainer
  • Q-CPR feedback training devices
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Most appropriate refresher course I have had. Precourse was good to play around with. Nice relaxed learning environment, useful scenarios and great teaching.
GP registrar Auckland
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