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Interactive Decision Making Simulator for Pre-course Material

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Interactive Decision Making Simulator

For those who enroll in all of our ALS courses you will now have access to decision making simulators to put into practice your knowledge of the ALS algorithm. A scenario is presented and you need to make the right decisions to successfully negotiate the simulation to get 100%.

At this stage we have built a decision making simulator for a VF/VT arrest but more are on the way including a paediatric advanced life support simulation.

The opening screen presents the situation. Questions about your next planned actions are asked. 

If you're right you receive instant feedback and increase your score. If you're wrong you are prompted to try again until you get it right.


At Resuscitation Skills we support the use of cognitive aids for use during medical crises. It is envisioned these learning tools will assist participants cement critical knowledge for use during a medical crisis such as cardiac arrest.

These tools are part of our commitment to innovation and providing high quality training. We hope they are useful.





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