Advanced Pre-Hospital Emergency Care (A-PHEC) for aged care

Duration: 16hrs

Advanced Pre-Hospital Emergency Care (A-PHEC) for Aged Care

This two day (16hr) course is designed for those with current first aid qualifications who require advanced pre-hospital emergency care training managing injury or illness in the aged care setting. Emphasis on this course is the development of advanced emergency care skills that maybe required to deal with a variety of emergencies in an aged care facility or in a domestic setting. 

Topics include managing medical emergencies and injuries that are specific to aged care patients. This includes advanced resuscitation (NZRC Level 4) and use of advanced emergency care to manage common medical emergencies in the elderly such as stroke, heart attack and respiratory problems. Topics also include management of injuries more common and specific to elderly persons such as hip fractures, bleeding varicose, and injuries as result of falls.

Instruction is provided by experienced accredited facilitators who have worked or dealt with emergencies in elderly patients.


  • 'Do not resuscitate' directives and end of life decision making
  • Basic Life Support (CPR)
  • Use of AEDs
  • Oxygen delivery systems and oxygen therapy
  • Management of choking
  • Management of syncope
  • Recognition and management of time critical emergencies such as stroke and heart attack
  • Management of respiratory distress in COPD patients
  • Recognition and management of diabetic emergencies
  • Management of life threatening bleeding (varicose and other causes)
  • Management of skin tears
  • Management of pelvis or neck of femur fractures
  • Management of wrist injuries
  • Management of burns
  • Pain management in the elderly
  • Safe lifting and patient handling during emergency
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